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Precast industry

Durability, efficiency, economy


One of the main applications of fiber reinforced

Underground construction

In the field of reinforced sprayed concrete

Repair and reinforcement work

The design using durable criteria is a very recent phenomenon

Our reference at Uniblok in Toledo, Spain: Precast concrete with MasterFiber 249

Precast Industry

Durability, efficiency, economy, safety of use, flexibility and sustainability are, among others, increasingly important aspects in the prefabricated concrete sector. In this respect, fiber reinforced concrete improves conventional concrete in all of them, and therefore constitutes a peculiarly appropriate solution. From the design point of view, the use of fiber-reinforced concrete makes it possible to build elements without limits produced by the positioning of steel rebar, allowing greater freedom of design and, as a consequence, expanding opportunities in the market of this sector.

Read more on our success story with Uniblok in Toledo, Spain

Our reference in Madrid, Spain: Industrial flooring with MasterFiber 246

Pavements and Industrial Flooring

One of the main applications of fiber reinforced concrete are pavements and industrial flooring, which are particularly sensitive to cracking. Although this type of defects is almost inevitable in concrete structures, fibers give rise to substantial improvements in the life span of these elements. Alternatively, the mechanical properties of the polymeric fibers allow the replacement of both conventional reinforcement and steel fibers, which have as limitations a lower durability and efficiency from a mechanical/economic point of view.

Our reference at Highway B-40 in Barcelona, Spain: Underground construction with MasterFiber 248

Underground Construction

In the field of reinforced sprayed concrete, the main requirement is to maintain a certain level of ductility under high deformation conditions. With this requirement, the MasterFiber range allows to improve the structural behavior of this material due to:

  • Redistribution of stress diffusion with the 3D fiber network
  • Anchorage between matrix and fiber
  • Elongation capacity of the macrofiber
Our reference in Huelva, Spain: Marine structure with MasterFiber 400

Repair and
Reinforcement Work

The design using durable criteria is a very recent phenomenon. Therefore, many structures are depleting their useful life and require repair and/or reinforcement work, by means of jackets and section enlargement. These works are carried out in complex scenarios: with structures in use, underwater or high-altitude work, etc. That is why the total or partial elimination of the reinforcement facilitates the work and, in turn, improves the quality of the work. In environments with a strong presence of chlorides, the elimination of the secondary armed and the guarantee of the control of the cracking, allows the realization of more durable repairs.

Which Fiber Should I Use?

Application PP Mircofiber PVA Mesofiber PP Macrofiber Steel Fiber
MasterFiber 022 MasterFiber 400/401 MasterFiber 246 MasterFiber 248 MasterFiber 249 MasterFiber 502 MasterFiber 503 MasterFiber 482
Pavements Residential        
Underground Construction Shotcrete          
Precast HPC Panels        
Facade p.        
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